Meet The Technology

The Retroreflection Difference

On average it takes a vehicle traveling 60MPH about 260ft to come to a full stop. Bright or neon clothing provides enough visibility to be seen at only half that distance, allowing drivers less reaction time to take corrective action.**

ReflekTek Retroreflective technology provides visibility distances of over 600ft, allowing for maximum reaction time to take corrective action.

Our Mission: Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Smart!

In 2015, 5,376 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in the US.*

74% of these fatalities occurred at night.*

ReflekTek seeks to reverse this trend, with ultra hi-visibility apparel designed to be seen at greater distances allowing drivers for more time to react.

ReflekTek Retroreflective Technology

Reflektek Animation

Reflektek Graphic

Retroreflection allows for a larger amount of light to be reflected back and returned directly to the original light source. This allows for higher visibility as the reflective material appears brightest to an observer located near the original light source, such as a driver using car headlights at night.

Diffused Reflection

Diffuse Reflection Animation

Diffuse Graphic

With Scattered or "Diffused" reflection, very little light is returned to the source as it is scattered in all directions.

Bright, Neon, or White Clothing

Bright, Neon, or White Clothing Reflection Animation

According to the Cornell University study “Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness”, the visibility distance of non-reflective apparel varies based on color. Dark colors such as Black/Blue can be seen at 55ft, Red can be seen at 80ft, Yellow at 120ft and White at 180ft.

*2015 Traffic Safety Facts data, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. **U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.