About Us

ReflekTek was born out of the desire to be safe at night. Two avid motorcyclists, John and Nick realized the inherent danger of riding at night and wanted to do something to make themselves and their fellow riders more safe. After researching the reflective market, they realized not only was the standard reflective apparel on the market not providing a visual directly back to the driver, it was also extremely limited for distance.

The purpose of ReflekTek technology is to increase visibility distance beyond that of normal reflective apparel, allowing for maximum safety during night time and low light activities. ReflekTek retroreflective apparel reflects light directly back to the source. This creates a brighter effect that can be seen at greater distances, providing drivers with more time to react. As shown on our Technology page, we were able to test that this technology reflects up to 600+ feet, and for these men who love riding their bikes, it provides more safety when on the road.

Not long after starting their venture, they realized that this technology wasn't just useful for motorcycle enthusiasts, it could be beneficial to runners, hunters, construction, kids outdoor active wear and more. Through our grass roots roll out, we're starting small and thinking big. Keep your eye out to see the ReflekTek apparel online, our pop up store at various events and in our Haverhill, MA store. Make sure to do your own testing and send us your thoughts.

ReflekTek is a part of the American First Group LLC, which provides additional products to their motorcycle-base clientele, but is available to anyone. With patriotic themes and messaging, as well as American-made apparel options, AFGCC provides John & Nick with an outlet to express their national pride and give back to the community.

Work Safe, Play Safe, Live Smart!

ReflekTek reflective apparel manufactures hi-visibility clothing and athletic gear designed to make you more visible in low light conditions. Whether you are going on an evening jog or working the night shift, our Retroreflective technology reflects more light back to the source making you more visible at longer distances.

We specialize in reflective athletic clothing for bikers, runners, walkers and those who love the outdoors. ReflekTek aims to bring style to safety-wear, offering custom apparel design services with our Design Tool for individuals, teams and businesses. Already have a design in mind? Our Design Tool allows you to upload your own logo and request a quote.

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If you can’t find what you are looking for in our store we can have most items in stock next day. We also offer custom apparel design services for both reflective and non-reflective items. Stop in and say hello!